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domenica 23 marzo 2014

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Anche io supporto Rob e Locky. Tu cosa aspetti?

Ragazzi, non so voi, ma io ho giocato diversi anni e soprattutto a 20-25 anni mi sono sentito invulnerabile, immortale.

Niente di più sbagliato.

Aiutiamo due atleti australiani a tornare in gioco, magari non in quello sportivo.

Parlo di quello di tutti i giorni.

The Water Polo Australia Athletes' Commission on behalf of water polo athletes worldwide are right behind Rob Maitland and Lachlan Hollis in their battles against cancer.
As athletes at the top of their game - Rob representing Australia at the Beijing Olympics and Locky having also represented Australia at senior level, it is shocking for us to learn that they are going through something bigger than we could ever imagine.

 Rob and Locky are keen to raise the awareness that cancer doesn't care who you are and can attack at any stage in life no matter how young or fit you may be.

Cancer is often related to old age, poor lifestyle or bad choices, but in reality both Hodgkins Lymphoma and Testicular cancer (the cancers Rob and Locky are diagnosed with) are most common in younger people and there is no cause.

 Visit: To donate to this great cause.

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